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  • Professional collagen mask supplier: OEM,private labeling of collagen eye mask,collagen lip mask and peel-off face mask.One stop solution for the wholesalers and distributors:from products design to finished package.

  • Cool Shine Cosmetics is your best choice if you want to enter into the business field of collagen masks.We are dedicated to supplying you various collagen masks for different areas:collagen under eye patch/mask ,collagen lip mask,collagen peel-off face mask.

  • We are dedicated to supplying comprehensive OEM/Private labeling services for the clients around the world.We can offer you the products based on your customization requirements and market demand.We accept the unique products development for the private label owners and distributors around the world. You can define the products through purpose, size, shape, ingredients, color etc.Also,products package design and overall packaging service can be provided.

  • You can be our partners if you want to be the distributors or wholesalers of our branded products.



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